Thursday, 10 March 2011

Few things that can reduce your cleaning time in the weekend

Nowadays our daily responsibilities are growing with the same speed like mushrooms after the rain. People's daily schedules become more and more busy with all the things concerning their work, obligation to their relatives and the household staff like cleaning, washing the dishes, cooking etc. Believe it or not all those things are able to exhausted everyone no matter how high is his tolerance to stress.
Eight hours working day full of extreme situation and the single thought what you have to do when you get back home are not the most pleasant experiences. It seams that the only time when you can have a break is during the weekend and if you really want to enjoy it you've better try to do part of the cleaning tasks during the week. One great option of handling with them is a cleaning schedule. Making it will cost you not more than few minutes but it will certainly help you to deal with the things faster. So at the beginning just enter each room see what should be done there and after you finish with the last just write everything in the list. You can even involve your kids in the cleaning and turn it to game for them by splitting part of your obligation and ask them to do it.


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