Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Sharing a Rented Property with a Pet

Living in rented unit is not exactly like if you were living in your own space. You have certain restrictions of doing certain things. And if you decide to do some big change, you have to ask the landlord for permission before you take any actions. Along with all those restrictions, at the end of tenancy clean cost should be paid. The cost is measured in money and in time, that you have to spent getting the place in clean condition.

Many of the people that I know have pets. And they are living along with them in the house or the apartment. If the landlord is OK with that fact, of course. Having pets at a rented unit could be a problem, because they could damage the furniture with their claws or teeth. Another problem, that comes with the responsibilities around the pets, is the odour. That may not seem an easy task, to get rid of the odour, but there is a way to fight it. Now, removing the odour require constantly cleaning. Using white vinegar and baking soda could do miracles in this aspect. Along with that, you have to put some serious effort when scrubbing the affected areas. Another way is to ask the cleaning company to get the job done. Steam cleaning methods work great when it comes to pet odour removing. This method provides good deep clean-up. The steam reaches the deepest level of the carpet, where the odour smell resides and accumulates usually.

And here we talk about the regular smell, that comes from the pets, not about urine type of smell.

Remember, that at the end of your lease contract you have to be sure, that all such smells are gone. A professional end of tenancy cleaning includes carpet cleaning, but just in case you could call the company, you are planing to hire for the task, and ask about the methods they are offering in order to cope with the bad pet odour.


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