Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Packing Books When Moving House

Moving may become an anguish, especially if you have a lot of books. Undoubtedly books are valuable items so that you need to pack your books properly to prevent them from getting damaged.
1. Gather all of your books together and sort them by size. Large books with hard covers should be placed in one box while small books with soft covers should be packed in another one. Thus you will be able to fill the boxes more complete.
2. When packing your books, you need to place big and heavy books at the bottom of the moving box. It is recommended that you do not fill the box to the edge. When the box is full about on third test how heavy it is by lifting it up. If it is too heavy better remove some of the books if you do not want to hurt you beck when moving the boxes.
3. Put a layer of newspaper on the top of your books.
4. Fill the free space of the box with some stuff that weigh less. You can use clothes, empty purses and everything that comes up in your mind.
5. Label the boxes with the word “books”. This way you will make the moving process faster and safer because the movers will know what each box contains and will place it in the most suitable room in your new home.
6. Hire a moving company London to take care of your books. If you do not have enough time to pack your books yourself or do not have packing supplies available, you can choose a company that includes packing in its moving services London.
Knowing how to pack you items you can significantly reduce the level of stress during home moving. Following these simple steps you can sure that your books will arrive at your new home without any damages.


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