Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Clean Air At Home, Part Of Clean Household

Clean, good smelling air is a sign of a clean home. Well, like every rule there are some exceptions too. But fresh air is part of the home cleaning and it's something easily manageable. As a matter of fact so easy that all that it takes is for you to reach and open the windows for 30 minutes, every day.

Well, sometimes it takes more than that though. Now why is so important to clear the air at home every once in a while. Well many of the materials at our homes like ordinary carpeting, furniture and painted surfaces produce toxic vapours. In order to decrease their impact on our health we have to ventilate the place often. Anther option to purify the air, is the use of plants in the rooms. That way you not only will reduce the amount of toxic vapours, but you will have one really garden-like looking, nice home. You could use herbals to make one really good herbal spray air freshener. That is something easy and fun to do. I mean, you can create your own blend that's unique. Pretty cool right? How you can do that?! Firstly, you need a spray bottle. After you got one make sure to clean it well. After that fill it with water, my suggestion is to use distilled water. After that add few drops of an essential oil, do that in the following proportion: 5 to 7 drops per each 8 ounces of water.
A good smelling, fresh air at you place is probably the first impression for every visitor. Besides that fact it means healthy environment for you and the members of your family, so don't underestimate the power of the clean air. Like we said in the beginning this is only a part of the whole home cleaning process. Of course, this is something that takes relatively little time. Thorough cleaning may use the intervention of some professionals. There are many services that big city areas have to offer to their inhabitants. Deep cleaning, carpet cleaning Melbourne as an example is one such.


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