Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Things 2 Ask Your End of Tenancy Cleaning Professionals

All tenants know that end of tenancy cleaning is an essential part of their tenancy obligations. After all, their security deposits depend on that how clean their rented properties are before they decide to move out. So, if you want to save efforts and time, the most effective way to achieve that is to hire professionals to do the cleaning job.

Different cleaning companies offer to their clients numerous convenient cleaning services, including end of tenancy cleaning. This way, you can be sure that you will get your money back. However, to select the best cleaning company for your final cleaning is not an easy thing to be done. Choosing your perfect cleaners there are some things which you should to consider first. The most important one is to make a list with some important questions to ask the company, before you decide to hire its services. In order to be sure that you are hiring the right people for the job here are some examples of questions which answers you should definitely get.
  1. What exactly does their end of tenancy cleaning service include?
  2. Do the cleaners bring all the equipment and cleaning products needed for the cleaning?
  3. Do the cleaners use professional eco friendly cleaning products or not?
  4. Do they clean walls?
  5. Does the company give a guarantee for the work of its cleaners?
  6. Does the end of tenancy cleaning service include steam carpet cleaning and how much does it cost if it is a separate service?
So, if you are pleased of the answers you have got, then this company is the right one for your end of tenancy cleaning needs. However, do not forget to book it in advance, at least a month earlier. When you do that you can be calm that everything will be fine and you will get your money back.  


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