Thursday, 12 May 2011

Ammonia Can Make Your Oven Sparkle

Oven cleaning London is a hard task and most people cannot imagine removing the stubborn grease stains on the surface of their ovens without using harsh chemical products. These cleaning products can easily cause damages to your skin and lungs. In addition your children are in danger. To avoid any health problems you may consider using ammonia as it is an effective cleaning agent.
Ammonia can be found in every household and it can be bought from every store. Once you have purchased some household ammonia, you can start fighting with the grease stains. It is not necessary to apply ammonia directly on the surface of your oven, you need simply to pour one cup of ammonia into a glass bowl and place place the bowl in your oven. Close the door and leave the ammonia to act overnight. Do not forget to remove the metal racks before that.

In the morning you can open the door of your oven and take out the bowl. Owning to ammonia, it will significantly easier to remove the stubborn grease stains. Use a dampened sponge to wipe the interior of your oven. In case, you are not sure that the oven is cleaned properly, you can make your own cleaning detergent by mixing water with baking soda into a firm paste. You can scrub the inner surface of the oven using this home-made cleaner.
To finish oven cleaning London you need to wipe the oven and ensure that no cleaner has left on it. At the end you oven will look like a brand new owning only to natural cleaning products.


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