Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Clean and Refresh Your Carpet

Some people are obsessed with domestic interior. They can spent a fortune in pursuing of goals like perfect wall colour or perfect lamp size, and i'm not talking about big differences here, I mean differences like 1 or 2 cm. Is that too much for you? It is certainly, for me.That is why when I choose my furnitures I'm much more open minded and consider only the basic things. If I like certain carpet for example it is not necessary to match perfectly with everything in the room.

What I am obsessed with is the condition of my furnitures. I want them clean and with shiny colours. That is why most of the time when I need to clean in my apartment I call to a carpet cleaning London company. They offers many different methods of cleaning and i'm able to choose according to what is the material of my carpet and how dirty it is.

The first method they use is called “dry cleaning”
It is called that way not because it doesn't uses any moisture but because after it your carpet dries very fast. Basically it uses a powder which is sprinkled on your carpet and after a short period it is vacuumed. This powder catches the dust and other dirt and when you vacuum you remove them.

Steam cleaning
This is one of the most popular methods because it is cheap and very effective. The process uses a steam cleaning machine which mixes the detergent and hot water and sprays it over your carpet. Then in a push of a button the same machine starts to vacuum and you can clean your carpet.

This is a method which you can carry out by yourself. You only have to by the proper detergent and to mix it with water. After this you can rub the mixture on the carpet. It will loosen the dirt and you will be able to vacuum it afterwards. This method refreshes your carpet and brightens it.

All these methods are appropriate for different carpets so you have to tell to the carpet cleaning company what exactly your carpet is made of.


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