Monday, 16 May 2011

Airing Our Laundry

When moving out you need a lot of time to pack up everything. One of the most difficult task is to wrap up your clothes and laundry, but you need to do it before starting the end of tenancy cleaning. While you were doing the final load of what you were sure was absolutely every last shirt and stray sock in the house, a new one was sprouting somewhere. But you do not have the time to deal with it and spend more money on water and energy. Here are some useful tips how to airy your dirty laundry, at a lower price and toxic-free.

Use natural laundry detergents. Synthetic-based ones contains surfactants made from petrochemicals. Non-toxic products use readily biodegradable ingredients made from natural materials like vegetable oils instead.

Use alternatives to chlorine bleach. Do not forget that it can harm certain fabrics. Instead of it you might use hydrogen peroxide-based bleaches, also knows as oxygen bleaches.

Use the cold water wash option whenever possible, this way you will save 85 per cent of the money and energy consumed by hot water load and help prevent climate change. You should also wash full loads to get the most out of whatever water, energy and detergent you do use.

Be careful when shopping for a new washing machine, search for one that use less water and power.

After some time you will see how it pays off.

After that air dry your clothes on a line outside. The sun's energy is non-pulling and free for the taking. In the winter you may string a line in the basement or laundry room.

After finishing the laundry now you can start the end of tenancy cleaning.


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