Monday, 16 May 2011

Carpet Care

It is expensive to put a new carpet in your home so it would be good to take a good care of it. Furthermore, the good care for your carpet means a healthier environment at your home.

But how to accomplish this? Here are several easy rules according to the carpet cleaning London companies, that can be followed in order to maintain a carpet in a good condition.

Some professionals say that the vacuum cleaning is not the best possible way to maintain a clean carpet but it is essential aspect of the care for your carpet. If you do not vacuum on a regular basis you may end up with a embedded with dirt carpet. The fibres of the carpet will be full of dirt which is difficult to be removed. In order to prevent that, vacuum everyday. Unfortunately this is not always possible because of our busy schedules. So you can vacuum twice a week for example but you will have to do it very careful. Vacuum very slowly the places where most of the traffic is. Run the vacuum back and forth several times from the one end of the carpet to the other.

Other procedure that will be in help is the shampooing. In order to do that you may take your carpet out of the room. It is best if you clean it somewhere outside, like in the yard for example. Then you have to spray the shampoo on the carpet and to wait for a while. This way the shampoo will loosen and then absorb the dirt. After that you can vacuum all the dirt.

Another way of cleaning is the steam cleaning. It uses a steam cleaning machine and a special liquid for steam cleaning which loosens the dirt and brings it up to the upper surface of the carpet.
All these methods and many more like dry cleaning for example are used by the carpet cleaning London companies in their work. They can not only clean your carpet from the dirt but also remove stains of it.


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