Sunday, 15 May 2011

Easy and Fast Way To Clean Your Oven

Oven cleaning is one of the most postponed jobs in someone's kitchen. If you let dirt build up in your oven, oven cleaning will be a time-consuming and difficult task to be done, especially if your oven is one a self-cleaning one. To get rid of the accumulated dirt you need to follow some steps.
First make sure that you have a pair of rubber gloves to protect your skin from the harsh cleaning products. You need to buy a special oven detergent which will remove the burnt fats from the interior of your oven. Keep the room ventilated because the harsh chemical may give off toxic fumes that can cause health problems.
Second read carefully the instructions on the bottle of the cleaner. Most detergents need to be left on the interior of your oven for several hours or overnight. In the next morning, you should be prepared for a lot of scrubbing and rinsing. If it is necessary rinse the oven several times to ensure that no cleaner has left according to oven cleaning London.

If you want to use eco-friendly cleaners to take care of the hygiene of your oven, you need to make a simple mixture of baking soda and white vinegar. Lightly drizzle the interior of your oven with water and apply some baking soda on the inside walls of your oven. Leave it for about three hours and then put some white vinegar in a spray bottle and spray on the oven's interior. Again leave it for several hours. Finally, you can use a damp sponge and some water to remove the built-up dirt.

Oven cleaning London should not be an exhausting chore.


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