Monday, 30 May 2011

Clean Your Carpet by Using Household Products Part 1

There are many carpet cleaning products available on the market, but there are also many ways to clean the carpet without using chemicals at all. The trick is to know how!
And this not mean to use green carpet cleaning St John's Wood services, but actually clean the carpet by using common household products. So, here are some great cleaning solutions when it comes to handling carpet stains.

Option A:
1. Mix one part of water and one part of white vinegar in a spray bottle
2. Use the mixture to spray the stained area
3. Wait for ten to fifteen minutes
4. Use a dry cloth, or sponge to clean. Be careful not to rub too hard as you can damage the fibers
5. Rinse the affected area with warm water
6. Brush the stain into the natural direction of the fibers
7. Dry the area by using white paper towels. Place paper towel on top of the wet area, place a weight on top of that, and wait until it has completely dried.

Option B:
Combine one teaspoon of household type, clear ammonia and a half a cup of water in a spray bottle. Spray the stained areas, also you can apply the mixture directly on the carpet. Use white paper towels to dry the area.

Option C:
Soap is a great material for cleaning oily stains. Combine one quarter of a teaspoon of hand soap or dish soap that doesn't contain lanolin or bleach with one quart of water.
1. Use white paper towel to absorb as much of the stain as possible
2. Spray the stain with detergent solution
3. Rub the stained area
4. Soak up the detergent and stain
Make sure to read part 2 for more useful tips, and to find out when do you need professional carpet cleaning St John's Wood.


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