Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Cleaning Can Vary

So how to handle with different stains on your carpet? This might be a difficult task sometime.Especially when you know nothing about the specifics and the tricks in the cleaning

So today i will try to help you with some simple tips
about the carpet cleaning in order to make the things even easier I will give you some examples.

First trick:

It is important to know what is your carpet made of, what kind of stain you have and how long this stain was on your carpet. Make sure to act as fast as possible in order to ease your cleaning.

For spills like coffee, soda, wine and etc. you can prepare a cleaning solution of your own. It is actually not difficult at all. What you need is a quarter cup of vinegar and three quarters of water. This detergent will loosens the spot and will make it very simple to remove.

Tip number two is for stains like berries. First of all, do some dry vacuuming. Then, when the stain has dried use a mixture of water and special detergent. If you do not have that type of detergent some soap will work just as good. Let it saturate very well and then swill good. However do not forget the drying after the actual cleaning. If the carpet can't dry well it might catch mold and this, of course, will mean that you can't use it any more.

Tip number three – blood or vomit on the carpet. This can be a tough one for sure. For this one, you may need to call to a professional carpet cleaning London company. This will make your life a lot easier. If you decide to clean yourself you have to know that the blood have to be removed as quickly as possible because if it dries it can become impossible to be removed.

I hope I was I help.
Take care.


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