Friday, 20 May 2011

Blood Removal

There can be many reasons for a blood stain on your carpet. You could just cut yourself on the kitchen knife or broke the mirror by accident or you may just be a typical serial killer.

So what to do, to get rid of the spot?
Here is what you have to do step by step.

Act fast because the modern carpets are covered with a stain-resistant materials.
This means that the more longer you wait the harder carpet cleaning will become.
The actual cleaning in steps:

1st – Use cold water for the cleaning because the hot water can make it permanent. Extract the water on the stain and then rinse it. After that use a clean white cloth or paper to blot. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to remove the water but this is only if you have a vacuum that can be used for water sucking.

2nd – However some of the stain will be still on your carpet. Now you will have to use some detergent in order to remove it. Mix a few drops of the solution with a cup of water and then clean the stain again. Be careful not to spread the stain even more. Blot again and never rub because that may destroy the fibre structure of the carpet and this may cause you more stains in the future.
This whole procedure may be repeated as many times as needed.

3rd – Now you will need to dry your carpet. This is actually one of the trickiest parts of the cleaning, because if you just leave the carpet to dry on its own it may catch mold. So in order to avoid such result turn on your fan and open the windows of the room. The moving air will dry the cleaned spot much faster.

You can also use club soda if the instructions above don't do the job or you can call to a carpet cleaning London company. They will know, for sure, how to clean the particular stain.

So no matter if you are a housewife or just a everyday serial killer it is good when you know how to clean after you.


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