Friday, 20 May 2011

How to Save Money by Cleaning Carpets Yourself

The easiest way to get rid of the carpet stains is to hire a carpet cleaning company to do the job for you. However, it is not as difficult as we think and this is an easy way to safe money. You just need to learn how to remove carpet stains and make your carpet and rug clean and fresh.

The first thing you need is to get a steamvac machine. It is less expensive than hiring professional cleaners. This machine is a good investment, do not forget that it will last you many years and also will save you money over the long haul.

1. First, you need to vacuum the area. You should remove everything that might clog your steamvac.

2. When dealing with stains, you need to treat the stain with removal spray. This type of solution is very effective, but you may use whatever you want. 

3. Leave the remover to soak in for at least one hour. This way you will allow the chemicals in the solvent to do the work.

4. After it has dried, vacuum again.

5. Fill the machine with the required amount of solution. 

6. Run it over the carpet, paying special attention to stains. Use the button to release as much soapy water to the carpet as needed, ensure that you use enough cleaning solution, but you must be careful not to flood the area.

7. After that you need to extract as much water as possible. Remember, that the extraction is what makes the carpet clean.

8. You may use the attachments when trying to remove a specific stain.

It is not so hard to clean the carpet by yourself. However, you need to a hire a professional carpet cleaning company to clean your carpet, at least once a year or more, if you have children or pets.


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