Thursday, 19 May 2011

How to Guide to Carpet Cleaning?

Stain removal is very important part of carpet cleaning process. The following stain removal methods will be very effective when dealing with different types of stains.
For alcohol and soft drink spillage use baking soda and sprinkle the spot. This way the soda will absorb the liquid. After that vacuum the spot to remove the baking soda and then use wet towel to blot gently any residential stain.
When dealing with food, beverage and pet stains you need to make a solutions. Combine one teaspoon natural detergent, the same quantity white vinegar and four cups warm water. Before applying it to the carpet, vacuum the area. Blot away and then let it dry.

You need to use dry cleaning solvent to remove grease, oil and wax stains. Do not forget to test the cleaning solution before using it. Apply it to a small hidden area and wait, this way you will prevent damaging the carpet. Use steam to get rid of the candle wax stain.
To clean mud and general dirt you should use a mild solution of ammonia. First allow the dirt to dry, then brush it and apply the solution with a sponge.
Use a paint remover or dry cleaning solution when dealing with lipstick, furniture or shoe polish and ink.
To remove glue stains use a clean dump cloth and rubbing alcohol. This solution can be used also for enamel and furniture and shoe stains.
If all these sound impossible to you, you can always hire a carpet cleaning London company to help you with the job, or even do it instead of you.


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