Thursday, 19 May 2011

Get Rid Of Mould in Your Basement

Basements usually are places where you can find a lot of moisture on the walls, ceiling and sometimes on the floor. And if you ever had to deal with mould and moisture, then you know that it is very disgusting and tedious work. But black mould in such place like a basement can be really dangerous. And you might ask what is so dangerous about this? Well, this is because mould carries harmful elements, sometimes they can be toxic to humans and animals. Everyone who decides to take up with this task is dealing with dangerous fungus. For this reason you must be very careful when cleaning this.
When it comes to get rid of black mould, you must be very cautious to clean it from the walls, ceiling and any place in your basement. But to clean mould you must be aware of several steps you are recommended to do. The first step is to try isolating the basement, where the mould appeared. Make sure that nothing and no one can get there, so you can safety start the cleaning process. There must be no animals, children or anyone else. This is essential condition, that companies, which provide cleaning services, insist on clients.
The second thing you must do is to pick the chemical you plan to use for the cleaning. But using chemicals for cleaning is also dangerous and could cause deceases and allergies. You need to be careful and to be able to protect yourself during the process. It is recommended to use mask, or something else, that prevent you and your mouth, while you are applying chemicals to your basement.
Once you finally remove the mould from the place, you need to wash and scrub the infected areas. You are not finished, before you clean them several times, by using soap and water. In some cases even chemicals could be necessary. After cleaning the areas, use fans or some other dry cleaning methods to be sure that there are no remaining mould or remnants.
If you don't have time to do this by yourself, or you don't know what chemicals to use, then you can hire cleaning services. So cleaners will come and expertise the infected areas in your basement, and assign the needed cleaning method and cleaning products, they will apply. So for some amount of money you will get your basement free of any mould and moisture. 


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