Thursday, 19 May 2011

Simple Cleaning?

A simple cleaning? There is no such thing. Even the dusting of the shelves can be tricky. You may ask how is that possible? What possibly can go wrong in a simple dusting?

Well many things actually. You may broke something for example or to rase down all the dust from the shelves on the carpet.
After this you may need a carpet cleaning also, so in order to save efforts and time here are my tips for your dusting. They are actually very simple and anybody can do them.

First - decide about the sequence in which you will clean the rooms. Where you will start from and where you will stop. This will help you to avoid double cleaning. This of course means that you don't have to use the already cleaned rooms, while the cleaning is not finished.

Second - remove all the objects that can be any kind of obstacle for you. Put them all, in one of the corners of the room and start with the cleaning.

- Moist the rag a bit. This way the dust will stick on it and it won't sprinkle on the carpet or in the air.
When you are finished, put all your things back to their old places.

If you do all this, you may not need a carpet cleaning London company to clean after you. I'm sure that in the end of this simple procedure, you will feel even a bit proud of yourself.


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