Thursday, 19 May 2011

Unusual Stain Removal Products

Nowadays there is a great variety of cleaning products available on the market. Furthermore, there are new products introduced to the general public constantly. We are all searching for the ultimate universal cleaning solution which can save us a lot of time and money. Well, have you ever heard the expression ‘too good to be true’? There is no such thing so you should give up that quest. Instead of wasting your time, look around yourself and you will no doubt find exactly what you need to get rid of any kind of stain. There is a simple solution to any problem. Here are some examples of environmentally friendly methods which can help you remove a number of stains.
1. Milk
Not every diary product leaves stains. Milk can be used to remove ballpoint pen marks from fabric. You need to soak the damaged area of the piece of clothing in milk. Leave it like this overnight. In the morning you will discover that the ink stain is gone. Wash the fabric in cold water. Leather damaged by salt water can also be treated with milk.
2. Potatoes
Ever needed to remove rusty stains from metal surfaces? A cut up potato and baking soda or cooking salt will help you get rid of those rusty marks. That is a great way to clean the metal cookware without any effort.
3. Onions
You don’t need to spend a fortune about leather creams. Onions are perfect for cleaning and polishing leather jackets and shoes. Don’t worry about the smell, it will be gone in no time.
4. Denture cleaners
These are your best friend when it comes to removing stains from white cottons. Soak overnight and then wash in cold water.
Of course, there are stains which can be extremely stubborn. Such stains are usually the ones we haven't noticed on time. If an organic stain, for example, is deeply set into any kind of fabric (especially carpets) it is extremely hard to be removed. As we all know, carpet fibers can easily be damaged by rubbing. If you have a serious “stain problem”, do not try every possible product on it. It is better to ask for professional help because otherwise you risk ruining your carpet. There are many certified cleaning companies, such as Mayfair Cleaners which offer a wide range of services. Type the magic words: carpet cleaning Mayfair ( or the area you live in ) and save your rug.


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