Sunday, 8 May 2011

Cleaning Check-list Tips

We all know how hard is to handle with all the work in one house. The cleaning, the cooking, the arrangement and all the other things we all do in our homes. So it is easy to imagine how harder would it be if you have to perform all the cleaning by yourself and you have only several hours to do it.When you are in that kind of situation the easiest and fastest solution is to call to a professional cleaning company which will do the job for you.

Why to choose the professionals?
The professional end of tenancy cleaning will guarantee you best results and will save you a huge amount of time and effords. Of course you can tell the cleaning staff about some things or particular places in your apartment which you specially want to be cleaned. Otherwise they will perform a standard cleaning procedure and there is a chance for you to be unsatisfied with the results. So my advice for you is to make a check-list with everything that you want to be cleaned.

Here is an example how this check-list can look like:
1. Bedroom- vacuum all the carpeting, dust all the shelves and steam-clean the curtains. Wash the windows and remove all fingerprints from the mirror.
2. Dining room – vacuum all the carpeting and polish the wooden surfaces.
3. Kitchen – Clean all the appliances from inside and out, clean the windows, flavor the room.
4. Bathroom- clean the sink, scrub the tiles and remove the mold spot on the ceiling.

While the cleaning staff is still in your place you can make sure that everything was cleaned the way you wanted. Usually the job is done perfectly. That is why I prefer the professional end of tenancy cleaning. It is just easier.


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