Friday, 6 May 2011

Cleaning Your Windows

The opinions of that how often should windows cleaning be done vary from two to four times a year. No matter that count it is also important to know when you should do windows cleaning.
You should avoid washing windows in the part of the day when the sunlight is bright, because it makes it difficult to see the results. Also, it is not good idea to clean windows in winter time especially when the temperature is below freezing (0 degrees Celsius and 30 degrees Fahrenheit). However, if the windows cleaning is necessarily during the winter time, then add antifreeze into cleaning water like some people do to protect the water of freezing during the cleaning process.
It is advisable to use less water inside of the house and not too much for outside unless your windows are very dirty or the weather is very hot. Keep in mind that using a regular soap for washing will leave stripes on your windows.
The equipment for windows cleaning includes scrubbing wand, scrapers, window wiper, towels and ladder. For your safety, it is recommended to avoid using ladders and substitute them with extension poles wherever possible.
Do not forget to wipe the windows sills. Brush the sills with soft rag. It is very practical to use an old toothbrush for window's corners.
If there is any moldy spots on the windows, use specialised cleaning products to remove them. Keep in mind that you have to use rubber goloves, safety googles and dust mask when cleaning mold. You can also use a mixture of two cups chlorine bleach and six cups water to get rid of the mold.
If you have some more questions about windows cleaning you can contact Enfield cleaner for advices. Also, for a very reasonable price cleaner Enfield can come in your home and take care of the windows instead of you.


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