Thursday, 5 May 2011

Why You Should Choose Wool Carpet?

One of the hardest things is to choose the carpet for the living room. This is seen first when entering home. We have to think about the fabric, the colour , the size, let's not forget the year's seasons and of course carpet cleaning. The winter is coming, you feel the cold floor with your feet and wonder what to do.

The best option for you to replace the hard flooring is a wool carpet. It is soft and durable. Imagine how every night when you stand up, your feet softly touch the warm loops of wool berber, instead the cold floor.

Nowadays the wool comes in different colours and styles, suitable for every taste . You can choose between short or long pile carpet in a variety of patterns and colours. Keep in mind that wool will last longer than almost any other fabric.

But remember that no matter how soft and durable the wool is, it is not as stain resistant as nylon. This is why the wool carpets are not a good choice if you have pets or even children. Often, stains removing is hard and impossible task when dealing with wool carpet.

Then next thing you should know is that wool is a good conductor of static electricity. You should not install it in a room with a lot of high-technology machines. Also remember that what you receive might not be what you have chosen in the store. The colour may be darker or lighter, because the wool is natural product.

However, when it comes to comfort such a carpet is worth investing.

Do not forget that you need to vacuum regularly your carpet and steam clean it at least once a year. But you can always hire a professional carpet cleaning London company to do it for you.


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