Thursday, 5 May 2011

Cleaning In The Kitchen Where Should You Start From

Cleaning in kitchen is of a vital importance. There are many things in there that you should take care of. The refrigerator the cabinets and the shelves, the kitchen sink, the floor. All that should be really clean, simply because it gets in direct contact with stuff you are going to use when preparing your food. The floor is the only exception maybe, but still that doesn't mean that you have to keep it dirty right.

The sink as a part of the home cleaning and more specifically the kitchen cleaning, should attract your attention as well. The kitchen sink could be from stainless steel, ceramic, acrylic. When cleaning certain type of sink, follow the
instructions of the manufacturer. Spare some time on the taps as well. One of the things you could use for the taps cleaning is lemon juice. It cuts grease and it removes lime scale deposits from chrome taps as well. Simply rub the surface, let it sit for a while and rinse after that. Repeat if it's necessary. Chrome and stainless parts of the sink could be treated with distilled white vinegar. Rub and leave for like two or three hours and rinse. Vinegar also removes water marks from stainless steel sinks. Lighter fluid is perfect when it comes to removing rust. To get the whiteness of the ceramic sink, place paper towels at the bottom and pour some bleach, leave it to soak like that for a period of time. After that rinse. Plugholes could benefit from a nice scrub with an old toothbrush.

The kitchen is a place that should be cleaned often. For more serious tasks like cleaning under and behind appliances you could use the service package of a  cleaning company for example.


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