Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Treating The Carpet Right And Preserve Its Appearance

Home cleaning is a process that takes some time, but it's something inevitable. You have to find some spare time and perform that every week or at least every two. The carpet is a type of flooring, that needs more cares than other types, like tile flooring for example.

Carpet needs regular vacuum cleaning or sweeping from time to time. More heavily used areas-especially. Spills on carpet are one of the most common problems. They leave stains and if you don't react right on time, it will be close to impossible to get them off later. The spills should be treated firstly with soda water. Simply pour a little bit over the affected area. The bubbles bring more of the stain to the surface, thus this makes the absorbing much easier. After the spill has been contained try to remove the marks left with the help of soapy water. With a soft brush try to get as much as possible, but be gentle and don't scrub or you might damage the pile. One good example of stain removing is the following. Tomato ketchup drops on the carpet, seems incurably but it's not so. All you got to do is to absorb it first with the help of paper towels and then spray the residue with shaving foam. After that wipe away with damp sponge, the ketchup mark will disappear.
There are many other techniques that could be of some help in your carpet cleaning. Aside of the weekly cleaning, it's good at least twice a year to clean the carpet with steam cleaner. Professional services are also an alternative. Carpet cleaning Melbourne could give as an option, is something that worth consideration.


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