Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Cleaning Pets Urine on Carpets

Pet's urine, is one of the most frustrating things that the owners of the animals deal with. It is not so hard to clean the urine stains from the carpet and upholstery, but if it comes to the odour, then we must mention it is really hard to get rig of. It becomes a such obstacle when you try to clean it with the wrong cleaning product, mostly those, containing ammonia in eliminating the smell. If you use such cleaning solutions, you should know that the cats are more likely to be attracted to the spot, you have applied the cleaning, and urinate in the same place over and over again. So it is essential to use the right cleaning agents and to keep away your cat from doing the same thing on the same place.
For the actual cleaning process, we advice you to use paper towels or any kind of absorbent cloth to wipe the urine, if the spot is still fresh. The urine of the cat gets very easily into the carpet fibres, so to clean it as well, you need to press the cloth or paper towel, as hard as you can to fully absorb the urine. If you are not possible to press enough much, you can use a hard object to put it above the towel. When you ensure that the towel is already soaked up, try to absorb more, just when you replace the paper towel with a new one.
When you make sure that you have absorbed all the urine in the spot, then you can step forward in using the cleaning product. You might try to use home-made cleaning methods, such as a mixture of water and white vinegar, or maybe baking soda, or you can go to using cleaning products, provided on the market. When do the cleaning, be sure that you apply the right solution on the right way.
If you use commercial cleaning products, then you have no worries, because most of them are provided with a long list of instructions for proper usage. But if you are afraid of mess up your already stained carpet, then you can guarantee yourself with great results in cleaning, by hiring cleaning services.
People love their pets and even the odour and the mess, it is left after the animals. Although cleaning the urine and trying to get rid of the bad smell is tedious task and sometimes it can be really disgusting, that is why people prefer to use regular cleaning services, so they can enjoy the comfortable environment with their pets.


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