Sunday, 8 May 2011

Dealing with Difficult Stains

When dealing with stains you need to know which one can become permanent. Removing this type of stains can be really difficult. This is a list with the most common products that can cause such stains: hair dyes, insecticides, chlorine bleach, alkaline cleaners and other similar to those. These products almost immediately change the composition of the carpet. In this situation you have a couple of options, you may throw away the carpet or change it with other from a hidden location. The next option is to call a carpet cleaning London company to do the job for you and the last option is to try to remove the stain as much as possible, by yourself.

First, warm the stain up. After that scrape the spot with a butter knife, try to remove as much as you can, then you need to warm it up again. Then place a terry cloth on it and use the iron to heat the wax. This way the cloth will absorb it from the carpet, change the cloth, if needed.

Chewing gum

When dealing with this type of stain you need to use an ice cube and a plastic bag, put the ice in the bag and then scrub the area. Once it is frozen you can easily remove it. Vacuum it and it is gone. If you feel stickiness you can use cleaning products to remove it.

Dirt and Mud

First, allow the mud to dry completely then vacuum it. This way you will remove most of it without damaging the carpet.

Carpet cleaning is not an easy task, but as a homeowner it is up to you to keep the best look of your home and the entire interior.


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