Monday, 30 May 2011

Green Carpet Cleaning Chewing Gum and Glue

Commercial carpet cleaning solutions do a great job but they are very harmful for you and your family and may affect your family's health, because of the chemicals in them. By choosing to use environment friendly toxic-free products you create a safe home for your family and pets to live in. Here are some useful tips that can help you to remove different types of stains. 
Chewing gum and glue

When you have small children in home it is inevitably to get a chewing gum and glue on your favourite carpet or rug. Sometimes these types of stains are very difficult to deal with even when using a commercial cleaning solution. 

When trying to remove a gum we should rub it with ice first. Once it is frozen, it should peel off without leaving a residue behind on the carpet. If you notice a trace of it, then apply a small amount of vinegar on the spot. Use a toothbrush to scrub the area and then you need to blot it with clean dry cloth or paper towel. 

When you have a dried glue on your carpet you need to make a home-made cleaning solution, combine one part water and one part vinegar, in a spray bottle. Apply the solvent directly to the stain and then blot it away with a clean sponge. For stubborn stains you should warm the solution up and then spray it to the area. Let it sit at least ten minutes and then you need to blot with a clean towel. 

You can always hire a carpet cleaning London company to thoroughly clean your carpet.


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