Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Spare TIme

In our day to day life, with all this work and commitments there is one very important question - what to do in our spare time?This is crucial not only for the people who are working in the artistic sphere like designers, writers and etc. but for everybody. We all need to have fun and to relax in the weekend if we want to be able to do a better work during the week.

Many people today have hobbies – fishing, riding a bike, playing a computer games. It is strictly personal how and when the people relax.

There are 2 main ways of relaxing:

1st – this is what I call the lazy way. Things like staying at home all weekend watching TV or staying in front the computer. Of course it is a matter of choice , but if you ask me this won't make you feel better.

2Nd – this is the active way. I think it is much more fun and it really can recharge you. Of course I don't mean only sports or something that needs you to be in good physical shape like climbing and stuff. There are many other things that can fulfil your spear time better than the TV. For example you can do the carpet cleaning or to do some work in the yard. I can guarantee you that at the end of the day you will feel better and will sleep much deeper.

So if you don't want to be in the kind of situation when your colleagues asks you “ what were you doing this weekend” and you have to tell them 'nothing special” only because you decide to watch “Die Hard” for fourth time or because you decided to call to a carpet cleaning London company instead of cleaning by your own, take my advice: go out and move a bit. You will feel the difference.


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