Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Let's Clean Effectively

Since a little child, each of us have been told by his/her parents to clean and tide up his/her bedroom regularly, and this was just the beginning. During the years, we understand how important regular cleaning is and even if we do not realize it completely, we keep doing it by habit.

Nowadays, many home owners in London cannot handle their domestic cleaning duties, for one reason or another. This is the main reason why the biggest part of these individuals decide to hire someone of the professional cleaners London to help them. However, as we all know, there are some cleaning assignments that we have to handle by ourselves and for which we cannot call a professional assistance. Therefore, we need to be informed about different cleaning tips and tricks which we can use to manage our small cleaning jobs, at home. So, here are some useful suggestions:
  1. If you want to remove hard water deposits from your fixtures, you will need some diluted muriatic acid which you can buy from some hardware or pool store. However, be careful with this product and DO NOT put it close to chlorine because if you combine them, there is a risk of an explosion.

  2. To clean your ceramic tiles put some alcohol on them and rub around with a mop, until they dry. Then, turn on the ventilation in the room and do not allow your children to play in it, until you finish with the whole process.

  3. To wash your windows use a solution made of a cup of alcohol and water. If you want to dry the windows without leaving any stains, use old newspapers for the job.
Check again these cleaning tips and use them. However, if you want, you can also call someone of the London cleaners to tell you how to clean effectively.  


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