Thursday, 16 June 2011

Answering our Reader's Question PART III

Dear Klara, really a nice blog, thank you for your work.
Could you possible give me an advice on office cleaning company, because the company in which I am manager pays ridiculously much for services that do no do their job properly.

Thank you! Best regards 

Alice, Nottingham

   Dear Alice, I apologise about the delayed reply, but I was quite busy these days. I do not believe that it is your job to look for a company to replace the one you do not admire, but you ought to propose the new service providers to your boss and hope he will find your complaint reasonable.

   One of the main factors making an office cleaning company better than the competition is the flexibility. They can work in any time you want, and with any kind of cleaning products, regarding to the needs of the people working in that place.

   With the trend of becoming more and more eco-friendly a good idea is to look for company providing green alternatives, such as the use of non-toxic products, which are organic and are an effective way to maintain a safe and healthy work environment.

   With a short survey conducted by me and the crew we found a company which looks like applying to the criterias above. Based on the information from their site: Office Cleaning London, and the large amount of positive comments about this company spread in internet blogs and forums, I assume they offer the quality services you are looking for.

   The results from hiring a better service provider, like Office Cleaning London, could be an increased work efficiency and less risk of allergies, and any bacteria caused disease, caught because of the large number of people who enter the office.


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