Sunday, 5 June 2011

A Grass Stain? Don't Worry, There is a Solution

Is there something greater than kids? Can somebody tell me a single person whose children are not everything to him. I know many parents and everyone of them, with no exception, say the same thing- my children are my life. This is normal and this is the way it should be, but they also agree, that the care, which the kids need, is sometimes too much, even for the most loving parent. They just do such a mess and they succeed to get stains on their clothes from almost everything they touch.

    So here are my tips about how to clean grass stain when carpet cleaning or when doing the laundry.
    First of all treat the stain with a powdered laundry detergent mixed with little water or other cleaning detergent. The cleaning solutions should contain enzymes. You can also use pre-wash stain remover formulated to remove grass stains. Let the stain soak well for a half an hour.

    Use as warm water as the fabric allows, when you swill the cleaning solution. Before you dry the clothes, make sure that the stain was successfully removed and if it is not, treat it again.

If all these cleaning methods are not helpful you may call to a carpet cleaning London company or give the stained clothes for dry cleaning.


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