Friday, 3 June 2011

Keep Your Carpet Clean

Maintaining your carpets will prevent damage, prolongs its life, and keep it looking as beautiful as new. Here are some tips how to maintain your carpet properly.

Avoid wearing shoes in the house because they are perfect way to bring sand, dirt, and rocks in your home. Dirt embeds into your carpet when you walking with shoes over it. Eventually, that dirt becomes the main reason which ruins your carpet.

Despite your efforts to keep shoes out of the house, there are other sources of dirt that contaminate the carpet. You should vacuum your carpet often in order to ensure that these pallutants won't destroy it. Also, when you are going to shampoo your carpet, avoid using liquid carpet shampoo as it can leave residues on it. These shampoo residues cling the dirt more strongly, making the carpet even tougher to clean. Using a dry carpet cleaner is one of the suggestions you can get form Parsons Green cleaners.

Removing old shampoo from your carpet is a little bit tricky. First, rent a cleaning maching that cleans with water, make a mixture of one cup vinegar and two and a half gallons of water, and use the machine with the cleaning solution to clean according to instructions. Then wash the carpet with warm water without adding vinegar. The vinegar extracts the old shampoo, making the carpet soft and free from grime. The hot water provides the needed cleansing action by reactivation the shampoo in the carpet.

If there is a carpet stain that you cannot remove, call carpet cleaning Parsons Green and they will take care of it.


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