Wednesday, 1 June 2011

How to Make Your Own Green Carpet Cleaners

There are so many ways and so many cleaning products that can help you when carpet cleaning. What you do not realize is that most of those commercial product contain a big amount of toxins and chemicals that can affect your family's health and are environmentally unfriendly. Now you can make effective cleaners and deodorizer by common household ingredients. This is the best option, when you want to remove all chemicals and toxins from your house or apartment, but also, this way you can save money.

Carpet stain remover

  1. The first recipe is a combination of enough parts backing soda and vinegar, to make a paste. Apply the paste into the spot and rub with a toothbrush. Let the solution dry and then vacuum thoroughly the area, to remove the backing soda. Repeat, if the stain is stubborn and difficult to remove.

  2. The next alternative is to soak the area with a club soda as soon as you notice the stain and then blot until the stain is completely gone. 
  3. The last recipe is for grease-based stains. First, you need to blot as much liquid as you can and then you must sprinkle the spot with enough quantity of cornstarch or backing soda. Let it sit at least several hours, or overnight, if possible. You should vacuum thoroughly the place in the morning.
Green cleaning solvents are cheap and easy to make, you do not need to spend a lot of time and money on searching the best chemical-based product. You only need to open the kitchen cupboard and use what you have in it. Other option is to call London cleaners and ask for help with the carpet cleaning.


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