Wednesday, 1 June 2011

How to Clean a Dirty Bathtub Faster

Showers in our bathrooms are really hard to clean but who cares? It does not matter whether you like cleaning or not because in both cases you must to do it. However, if there is a chance to speed the process or to make it easier then this could be kind of relieve, right?!

There are many cleaners London who give their clients numerous advises on how to maintain their homes clean and neat. As we all know, bathroom is probably the most important room in our homes. This is the place where we clean our bodies of the dirt, we attract during the day, and because of that it is an absurd to not maintain it in the same way. Therefore, here are some convenient tips which would help you to clean your bathtub quickly and in the best possible way.

1. If there are stains all over your bathtub then make a paste using 2 cups of white vinegar mixed with 3 tablespoons baking soda. When you are ready, grab a sponge and start rubbing the bathtub. Rub gently then rinse with water.

2. Clean the drain using ½ cup ammonia in ½ of a boiling water and pour the solution into the drain to remove all the dirt in it.

3. To remove water deposits or soap stains use white vinegar. This cleaner absorb almost everything from dirt to grease. Then, you can polish the fixtures with a special paste which allows you to remove water stains easily.

If you want to make your bathroom shiny again then use one of these tips. However, if you want to learn some more information on how to clean your bathroom effectively call your London cleaners for an advise.


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