Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Steps in Cleaning Your House Naturally

Cleaning the house comes up with some chemicals and detergents that in a way or another are dangerous for your health. This article offers you some natural cleaning tips, that can help you avoid the usage of unhealthy chemicals, so that you will live in a better environment.
All you need is to plan all the things you must clean in your home, and some ingredients for applying. Ingredients must be natural and this will take you a bit time to prepare them, but nothing is more priceless than the health of your family. You should always have on hand the following items: spray bottles, plastic mistress, plastic squirt, cotton cloths, rags and sponges, glass jars and coffee cans with lids, and other similar things to make cleaning easier.
  • There is a wide range of recipes for natural home-made cleaners. The good thing in home-made detergents is that they are as effective as the chemicals and even better, and they are cost-effective, which means that you save money and time for searching the best cleaner.

  • For your mixtures you can use borax, vinegar, baking soda and even tea tree oil. These substances are always good to have in your house.
  • When it comes to get rid of odours, a very helpful and effective ingredient is baking soda. In fact it is known to be one of the most effective things you can apply on the smelly areas, all around the house.
  • If an important thing for you is the fragrances, that commercial detergents have, you can make your home-made cleaners also smell good, by using lemon juice or scented oils. There are many ways and ingredients you can use to give your effective natural cleaning products a good smell.
Another useful ingredient is the tea tree oil, best for cleaning mould. So If cleaning bathroom and other damp areas, you can use this tea tree oil and you will see the difference before and after the cleaning. After the usage, the further appearance of mould will be very rarely.
Whatever we advice you for cleaning, we all know that this task is very tedious for everyone and we don't have time to do it as well. That is why most people use cleaning services. Some of them need regular cleaning, and others just occasionally, when they move in or out, or if for some big event. Whether you need a special cleaning service or regular domestic cleaning, you can always hire a cleaning London agency and have your home cleaned and fresh. 


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