Tuesday, 19 July 2011

How to Clean Wool Carpet

Wool carpets are wear and tear resistant, because of the natural qualities of wool. They give you the nice feeling of softness and fullness when walking on them. When cleaning a wool carpet, your goal is to keep it fluffy and fresh, watching to preserve its original colour as well.

Wool fibers are susceptible to dirt. Regular vacuuming of your wool carpet at least once a week will prevent the grime from seeping further into the carpet fibers, making your carpet look filthy and wear. Cover the surface with carpet powder before vacuuming to help get dirt and hair out of the fibers.
Apply a commercial stain remover to any spots on your wool carpet, and let it soak into the fibers for several minutes. Use paper towels or a clean, absorbent rag to extract the stains and the solution from the carpet. For stain removing, you can also use a carpet shampooer.
For more stubborn stains, apply an aerosol foam carpet spray directly to the affected areas. Use a soft cleaning brush to work the solution into the carpet. Avoiding scrubbing, because you will damage the carpet fibers, according to carpet cleaning Clapham. Allow the solution to dry on the carpet, then vacuum it up.
To deep clean the entire carpet, use a shampoo machine, which you can rent or purchase from a local supermarket. Use a solution of water and mild natural detergent to shampoo the carpet. Shampoo your wool carpet at least once a month, by advice of cleaner Clapham, to keep its magnificent look.


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