Wednesday, 24 August 2011

3 Ways to Get Rid of Germs

There are different types of germs and all of them are dangerous for your and your family's health. Don't be afraid because there are easy ways to get rid of them or at least to reduce them. Here are four ways, which can help you live in healthier environment.
  1. Every time when you get home, you have to wash your hands. You touch money, door knobs and many other things, which get touched by a lot of different people all the time and it makes them the perfect place for germs. You don't have to be a domestic cleaner to know that you have to wash your hands.

  2. Another place where a lot of germs live are the toothbrushes. In order to protect yourself, you can soak them into a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide.

  3. Another way to reduce the amount of germs that live in your house, is using bleach to wipe down the areas in your house which get the highest traffic. Mix water and bleach in a spray bottle and spray places such as computer keyboards, door handles, etc.

  4. It is really important to remember that the dirty dishes in the sink are the main source of bacteria in your house. Wash them every day and use some disinfectant detergent to wipe the counter tops and the cutting boards. Hiring professional cleaning services on regular basis will also help you to get rid of dangerous bacteria living in certain areas.


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