Monday, 22 August 2011

Go Green and Save Green with Eco Laundering

Eco laundering is not a myth, it can actually happen in your own home. Here is how to go green in laundering and save a fortune.

Green living is environmentally-oriented. Eco living means less toxins, lower energy consumption, no more toxic carpet cleaning products, no more phosphates in laundering. It is not as hard as it seems, let's make it happen.

Replace your old cleaning products. This can happen in laundering, too. All deodorisers, and other detergents are based on various chemical ingredients you have heard of, but we bet that you do not know the dangers of using them. Some of them are not so environmentally-friendly as you may think. Take phosphates for example, you can have your laundry clean without using them. Try baby-care laundry detergents that are mild and see the results. Equally fresh and spotless linen and clothes, but no dangerous products and wastes will affect nature.

Change the way you do it. Every household activity, even carpet cleaning and stain removal can be done in a green and safe way. Soda is one of the active ingredients used in most laundry detergents for dealing with stains. You can then pre-treat your clothes with baking soda, thus you save water and energy used in pre-washing and, what is more important, this makes a difference.

Reduce energy consumption. You can easily cut the energy costs just by acting smart. Think of laundering only when you have enough dirty linen and clothes to fill the laundry machine to the optimum level. Running the machine when it is only half-full is a waste of water and energy, and of course, money. If you consider that your household bills are inflated, do something about it, and don't waste energy and water.

Be wise with stains on clothes. The best way to save money on detergents is to pre-treat stains and even while they are still fresh. Lemon juice and baking soda can deal with most known stains. Go for it.  


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