Friday, 19 August 2011

How to Keep up Your Carpet in Good Condition

Everybody knows that if you don`t maintain your carpet properly, you have to change it every few years. Some people are calling to carpet cleaning Melbourne companies. For a few years one rug can take a lot of dirt especially if you have pets, children and many guests through these years. To change the carpet every few years it`s not so cheap like maintaining it, right ?! By proper cleaning and maintaining you can increase the life of your carpet. There are a few different types of dirt that your carpet can take through years.


This is the main problem of one carpet. You can try with putting floor mats on both sides of the door. They will absorb the most of the dirt from your shoes when you enter the room. After all you have to vacuum these mats frequently especially if you have many guests. There is a need to keep clean your garage, patios, porches and you will not have so much dirt inside your house as before.


If you want to keep the amount of dirt to your rug to minimum you have to vacuum it with a coincide of the number of people using this area of your home. If there are many people using this area it is good to do it everyday and that will prevent the carpet from accumulating the dirt.


Too much sunlight to your carpet will make it fade with time. There are a few simple solutions to keep the colours fresh. The first is to put blinds or curtains on the windows and keep them closed when the sunlight is brightest. In most flats you can find room full of sunlight all day, there you can put a carpet with bright colours so they will not fade so much.


If you spill something you have to remove it as quickly as possible to avoid absorption from the carpet. The easiest way is to call cleaning services Melbourne. But if you want to save some money you have to wipe it almost instantly with paper or a towel then treat it with soup and hot water.


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