Thursday, 8 September 2011

Extraordinary Uses of the Window Cleaner

What do you use the window cleaner for? Let me guess – windows? But it turns out that it can be used for some other things, too. This means that you can save money on other expensive cleaning products using this affordable and easy to find supply. Here are the extraordinary uses of the window cleaner.

If you have jewellery that needs cleaning, this is the house cleaning solution, which will help you to make it shiny again. All you need is the cleaner and a brush, a toothbrush will do the job. Spray and clean, but be careful and don't use it for precious stones especially of you have opal or pearl on your jewellery, because you may ruin them.

The window cleaner can be used for one more thing – to remove spots from your laundry. Stains from grass or blood can be easily removed, if you spray them with window cleaner before you put them in the laundry. But always test the colourful clothes first in order not to ruin their patterns. Also be very careful with silk and wool, because these fabrics can be easily damaged.

We even recommend that you shouldn't apply window cleaner to such type of cloth at all. In case you notice that the colour of your favourite shirt is different, soak the fabric in white vinegar, which is going to neutralize the cleaner. One more tip: always ask your London house cleaning services first, if you want to use the product for different type of cleaning.


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