Wednesday, 21 September 2011

How to Deep Clean a Carpet

Vacuuming and spot-cleaning are not enough to restore the clean appearance of a heavily soiled carpets. Shampoo cleaning is required if the entire carpet is significantly contaminated. Hot water extraction system cleans the carpet by spraying and removing hot detergent solution while running. Here are several easy steps how to make your carpet look clean as new.

  1. Visit a hardware or grocery store to purchase or rent a steam cleaning machine. In most cases, the necessary cleaning product comes with the machine when it is rented, but you can also purchase your preferable cleaner as well. You can call carpet cleaning Holborn to recommend you a suitable carpet cleaning solution.
  2. Before cleaning the carpet with the steamer, vacuum it thoroughly to remove any loose dirt and dust. Spray traffic-lane cleaner on heavily soiled areas to ease the extraction of dirt. It is advisable to use more cleaner on really dirty areas rather than using extra carpet shampoo.
  3. Pour hot tap water into the machine's reservoir, and add carpet shampoo by following the instructions on the product's label.
  4. Pass over the carpet using the cleaning machine with the both features on, water-extraction and water-spraying. Go over the carpet one more time with the spray off to extract any moisture left in the fibers. Run your hand over the surface of the carpet to make sure you have extracted correctly. If water droplets appear on your hand, extract again with the spray off.
  5. Open windows and use fans to help the carpet dry faster. Avoid walking on it while it is still wet to prevent stains, as advised by carpet cleaning Holborn.


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