Monday, 19 September 2011

How to Remove Blood Stains from a Carpet

No matter how blood is occurred on the carpet, it is never a good thing. Blood stains are difficult to remove and can easily become an integral part of the fabric if left untreated. The longer blood sits, the more it coagulates, and the harder it gets to be removed. It is important to act quickly when dealing with blood stains. Here are some simple tips how to get blood stains easily from a carpet.

  1. Blot the stain gently to remove as much of the blood as possible using a soft, clean, dry cloth or paper towels. Avoid scrubbing the stain as this will only make the stain larger by spreading it to other uncontaminated areas of the carpet, according to carpet cleaning Parsons Green.
  2. Apply a few drops of liquid dish soap to the stained area and scrub it gently into the carpet with an old toothbrush, working in small, circular motions to prevent the stain from spreading.
  3. Blot the area with a damp, clean rag to rinse it.
  4. Apply a small amount of ammonia to the stain, enough to cover the affected area. Make sure the area is well-ventilated when using ammonia.
  5. Let the ammonia to soak into the carpet for around 10 minutes and then blot it up with a clean, damp cloth. If there is still a stain, repeat the process.
You can use hydrogen peroxide on blood stains instead of ammonia, but it may discolour your carpet. If you intend to use hydrogen peroxide, carpet cleaning Parsons Green team recommends testing it on an inconspicuous area of the carpet for colourfastness first.


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