Friday, 16 September 2011

How to Remove Pet Stains from a Carpet

It may take some time before teaching a pet not to do its job on the carpet, which means you will need to deal with smelly, unsightly stains during the training.

Remove urine stains by absorbing the liquid using a product with absorbent granules. Carpet cleaning Clapham advises to test the granules on a hidden area of the carpet to ensure that they won't stain the carpet themselves. Spread the granules over the affected area following the directions on the product's label.
Use cool water to rinse the area affected by the stain. Extract the water from the carpet using a wet vac. If the area gets constantly stained, make sure you have removed all traces of old cleaning solvents and odor-removal products. Place paper towels over the treated area, and weigh them down with a heavy object to help extracting any moisture from the carpet padding. Lay paper towels or a newspaper beneath the stained area if you can lift the carpet. Place some of the urine-soaked materials on the area where the pet should urinate.
Remove smells caused by pet stains by using odor neutralizers. The enzymes contained in these products eliminate bacteria causing unpleasant odor. Purchase a carpet stain remover from the local supermarket to help remove the stain. Carpet cleaning Clapham recommends not using steam cleaners as they can permanently set the stain into the carpet. Instead of a steam cleaner, rent a wet vac or carpet cleaning vacuum extractor.


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