Sunday, 23 October 2011

How to Clean Mould from Bathroom

Everybody loves water. Everyone spends at least 10 minutes in the shower a day. Taking a bath is some people's favourite thing and can stay for hours in the shower if there is warm water that is. Some people prefer lying in the bath tub for long ours, others let the shower battery running to create a steamy effect like a sauna, then they lie down and enjoy a nice soak in the tub. But the bathroom requires attention too.

Cleaning N1 it is very important. The bathroom sustains a lot of humidity which is the perfect place for mould to arise. Steam is the number one reason for mould creation because the watery clouds rise and stick to the ceiling and stays like small drops. It can get to the corners and every crack of the bathroom and that is why it is very hard to remove. The cleaning process is not difficult though.

It is quite easy to remove mould from the bathroom. Mould removal is necessary because it sometimes it can be hazardous to people. In most cases it causes allergy and breathing problems. Mould doesn't only stick to surfaces, mould molecules are in the air we all breath and to be honest there is not a way to get rid of mould completely. The basic rule of cleaning N1 when dealing with mould is to remove the humidity level in the bathroom. Turning on the fan in the bathroom is sometimes not sufficient it is necessary to open the door and windows after bathing. White vinegar also helps, by putting some on a sponge and applying it on the walls you can get rid of some mould areas. It helps if you leave it a little time to soak in the vinegar.


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