Monday, 24 October 2011

How to Clean Your Lawn Mower

Cleaning the lawn is very important to keep your reputation up in the neighbourhood. Clean lawn means responsible owners, dirty lawn means sloppy owners. Usually the main problem of the house owners is that they don't cut their grass regularly. And when they do usually the grass is long and affects the performance of the land mower.

Long grass accompanied by the lack of usage of the land mower can be crucial to the machine. You have to keep it in top shape to be able to use its full potential otherwise you not only damage your machine but it affect your lawn too. Cleaning NW3 and maintaining your land mower is a must if you want to have a good flat lawn. Here are some tips you might use to keep your mower in top shape:

1. The easiest method to clean your mower is to spray water directly from the garden hose. But this cleaning NW3 method is a little dangerous to your machine, you need to cover the air filters and the engine, because if water gets in there, you will have to buy a new one. Also remove all plugs and batteries.
2. The shaft that is connecting the blades and the engine is very important because if grass and dirt gets stuck to it it may affect the spinning effect and the result won't be satisfying on the lawn. Simply scrape off the dirt and the grass but careful because the blades are razor sharp.
3. Next step is to disassemble the land mower and clean it part by part and clean every part.
4. Replacing the old blades with new ones is a good thing if you want a good cleaning result.
5. Changing the oil is very important to preserve the life of your land mower.
6. Always keep the electronic parts away from water to prevent corrosion.


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