Wednesday, 26 October 2011

What about Tenants with Pets

Today the tenancy agreement includes a clause about tenants with pets. You know that every second person in the world lives with a domestic animal. No matter if it is a cat, a dog, or a turtle, when it comes to tenants, they should carry the house even more in order to keep the clauses of the agreement and to have no further problems with their landlord.

If the both sides – tenants and landlord want they can negotiate and agree about living with pets. However, there are some things, landlord is better doing first.

It will be good for the landlord to take some pictures of the rooms and their contents such as carpets, upholstery, furniture, etc. In the time of moving out, landlord should check the entire house and if there is something missing, broken or not at the condition it was at the move in, tenants are responsible if the opposite is not proven.

Clauses for tenants include cleaning the house. When they live with domestic animals, the smells and odours must be removed from the house. If tenants don't have enough time to spend on cleaning, they may call and hire a professional End of tenancy cleaning BR2 company to neutralize the odours and remove the stains.

If the house has a back yard, a garden or a balcony, it should be cleaned from all the pet faeces in the end of the tenancy agreement and let as it was found in the time of moving in.

End of tenancy cleaning BR2 services recommend tenants to spray and fumigate for flea infestation in order to prevent from spreading insects and some bacterial species. In this case they can also choose to use professional help because the next tenants may suffer from different allergies. 

Always make sure that the house is put back at the same level of cleanness as it was when first move in.


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