Friday, 28 October 2011

I Hate Cleaning but Used to It

For a long period of time I have hated cleaning. From childhood the most annoying thing was my mom coming and asking me to clean up my room. Later it was not only the room but the hallway, the toilet, sometimes the living room.
It used so much time that I often suggested to consider hiring professional cleaning services. It took two episodes in my life that made me change my mind about it.

The first one was at home, when I was asked to wash the dishes. My mom used to cook without washing the dishes and pans straight away, but rather wait until they grew into a pile and then ask someone to do it for her. With annoyed face I used to do it. Then one day my uncle came by for a dinner. He used to work back then on a very stressing job, in a fast phase environment, where he had to make very fast decisions. I was asked, as usual, to do the dishes – here's the curious thing : my uncle decided to do them himself. While is was finishing my tea, I asked him why does he do that, does he enjoy it ? He explained that compared to his work, doing dishes is a nice way to relax, it calms your mind to do something mechanical. It was an interesting theory but I still wasn't convinced.

Several years later I began to work as a waiter during the summer in a restaurant. Besides serving dishes I was also responsible for the cleaning of the restaurant – both inside and outside. Cleaning became part of the job. The waiters' job is quite stressing on it's own – you have to work with different people, you have to mediate between the capabilities of the kitchen, the bar, and the wishes of clients. Conflicts are something normal, and you get the most of it. I soon discovered that the most pleasant time of the day was the early morning and the evenings, before closing. It was the time when I used to clean around – wipe the chairs and tables, change covers and towels, swipe and mop up the floor. I liked doing it while playing my favorite music and no one was around.

I can't say that I still love cleaning, it still annoys me sometimes and given the possibility i'd rather hire some professional cleaning services. But sometimes I like rearranging my room, sorting things out, or throwing away some old stuff – it feels like the house is breathing freely fresh air again. And so do I.


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