Friday, 28 October 2011

How to Be a Great Landlord

If you want to have good tenants for a long time, you also need to be a good landlord to keep them as longer as it's possible. It depends on you to keep them happy and being nice and generous to them. 

There are some easy decisions how to be a great landlord and here are some of them, given from the professionals from End of tenancy cleaning NW3:

  1. Don't raise the rent you set at first and don't overcharge your tenants, let it be a fair one and this will keep them longer;
  2. When your tenants pay you in advance, reward them or do something nice that they like such as going to cinema, restaurant and so on;
  3. Try to understand something about your tenants, for example something for their life or hobbies, their children, relatives, work, etc. and maintain good relationships with them by having weekly conversations;
  4. Be available when your tenants need you. Answer to their calls or leaved messages;
  5. When something needs to be repaired, discuss with your tenants how the both parties can benefit, for example you will buy a new item and they will pay 5 % an extra rent. But make sure they are comfortable with that;
  6. From the beginning when your tenants move in, make sure everything there is spotless, the level of cleanliness is high as in a new tenement. After your former tenants move out, hire end of tenancy cleaning nw3 services to put everything back in order;

Remember that dissatisfied tenants may hurt their landlord financially, so be good to them, following these easy tips and both sides will feel comfortable for a long time.


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