Monday, 31 October 2011

How to Clean Your Monitor

Your monitor is like the head of your computer. I don't know if you have considered this but if your computer runs slow, it may jam so people usually take it out on the monitor. The monitor usually gathers a lot of dust not to mention all the finger prints left on the screen. When you turn off the computer and monitor shuts down then you realise how much you have touched the monitor when you see your fingers directly on the screen.

People don't realise the importance of cleaning SW4 common things around the house. One of the reasons is that usually If not maintained properly equipment brakes down because of dust clog but if not other reason to clean is just that it is sloppy to leave something like a monitor dirty. In fact the cleaning process is so easy that everybody can do it almost everyday and this way you won't feel bad when you go to bed and see your stained monitor. 

Here are some cleaning methods and tips you may use when cleaning your device.

1. Your fist action is to turn off the monitor and to unplug it because you can see the stains better.

2. Then use a cloth to wipe out the dust and the finger prints on the screen.

3. If there are stains you can't get out do not rub against the screen simply add some vinegar to the towel and scrub gently until the cleaning SW4 process is complete.

4. If you use a cleaner be very careful not to damage the screen because not all cleaners are suitable.

5. Finally remove the dust from the frames and use a cotton bud around the vent holes behind the monitor.


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