Tuesday, 29 November 2011

How to Clean a Pinball Machine

Every kid enjoys spending time in the arcade. No matter what age are you there will always be arcades even in modern days only the difference is that the games change. In the modern arcades usually there are computer games, play station, wee x-box etc.

However every man share this common childish dream of his to have a game room of his own. Well usually when kids grow up they change their interests a little bit. There are certain games that stay eternal for men like billiard , table tennis and not to forget of course the simple pinball.

Nowadays people have electronic versions of pinball on the computers but it doesn’t bring much joy as a pinball table. The time spent around this machine is very rewarding. The game is simple and relieves your stress from hard days. And the best part is that you can play on your own.

Having a pinball table in the house though requires certain maintenance. You don't need to buy very special cleaners North Kensington for the pool table but still cleaning it ensures the longer life of the pinball machine. Not to mention that when the machine is dirty this affects your performance.

When cleaning the pinball machine there are a couple of steps that you must take to do it properly:

  1. Start by removing the glass top of the machine. There is a way to remove the field by pulling it towards you. Simply place your fingers in the holes where the balls go and lift.
  2. The ball paths are mainly most dirty so start there. You can use domestic cleaners North Kensington such as plain glass cleaner or a liquid dish wash soap. Use these items for dirt build ups.
  3. Clean the bulbs because dirty bulbs go out easier. If there are any that have burned out replace them.
  4. Clean all the ramps balls and the handles.
  5. You can vacuum the rest of it and don't forget to wipe all of the parts with a clean cloth in the end. Then simply reassemble the machine and you are good to go.


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