Monday, 28 November 2011

Waiting For The Perfect Man

Many of the single women always think about the waiting in a disappointing way. But can we find something positive and good about waiting for the perfect man to come?

Waiting is often connected with something painful from our past or it's someone's decision of being lonely for some reason. Everybody is always waiting for something to happen. But what does it really mean to wait? And do we really understand what we miss in the present, only looking for something in the future, not opening for new opportunities? And after all, we still find ourselves lonely and waiting..

Before two years when I was working for cleaners Brockley, I met a guy there who was special in some different way. And you know how sometimes it's not the moment even not the situation, but may be the circumstances and you are falling with someone from the first sight. But in our relationship I was not in peace because of always wanting for something more – marriage and children, and so on. After we separated, I realized that I was never stop waiting for and that was the reason I was never here and now but always in what is going to be in the future.

It's in our complaints of men that we like to say “have unrealistic standards” but we are exactly the same with our expectations. And until we don't change our way of thinking about the others, we will be waiting again and making the same mistake each time. And as I'm still working on my mind, my friend from cleaners Brockley is now married with a big and happy family.

So, remember, it's not always in the aim, it's in the way you see and think things that matter. 


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